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data-os="" data-browser="undefined"> Forrest Rain OLIVEROS | Dancers | Meet HKB | HK Ballet

Forrest Rain OLIVEROS

Corps de Ballet

Born in Tennessee, US, Forrest Rain Oliveros trained at Ballet Tennessee, Ellison Ballet and The Ailey School in the US. He danced with Charlotte Ballet and other companies before joining Hong Kong Ballet as a Corps de Ballet member in 2017.

With HKB, Oliveros has performed the featured roles of Rat King and Russian Doll in Terence Kohler’s The Nutcracker, Cheshire Cat and King of Hearts in Septime Webre’s ALICE (in wonderland), Mr Parker in Webre’s Romeo + Juliet and Nana the Dog, Crocodile and Skylights in Webre’s Peter Pan. He also danced in John Meehan’s Swan Lake, Nina Ananiashvili’s Don Quixote, Webre’s The Great Gatsby and Ballet Classics for Children: Cinderella, George Balanchine’s Jewels, Alexei Ratmansky’s Le Carnaval des Animaux, Wayne McGregor’s Chroma, Justin Peck’s Year of the Rabbit, Corey Baker’s Lying Together and Spaghetti Junction, Yuh Egami and Hu Song Wei Ricky’s The Rite of Spring and Nguyen Ngoc Anh’s Beyond The Line (excerpts). His choreographic works include Mellifluous (2018), Untitled (2019) Flyin' which is part of The Orpheus Cabaret (2021).

Dancer Q&A

1. Why do you Dance?
I dance because it allows me to fully express myself in so many different ways. The constant work it requires to reach a high level is addicting. The more you pour into it, the more it becomes a part of you.

2. Why did you start dancing?
I was always dancing at home to music and wanted to be a hip hop dancer. My mom signed me up for a two-week dance program. Afterwards, I was offered a scholarship to study during the year-round program. A hobby slowly turned into my craft.

3. Most memorable/weird onstage moment and why?
I ran out on stage as Von Rothbart during Swan Lake and dramatically flung open my cape. I couldn't remember my steps, so I just froze there in suspense until I made some stuff up and picked it back up.

4. What is the attribute you most like about yourself?
My versatility has probably been one of my biggest assets. I've been able to train in modern, jazz and commercial styles. This is not the normal path for most classical dancers, but it's been very helpful having a broader range of movement available in my body.

5. What keeps you motivated on tough days?
I remember where I came from. I defied the odds to be here. It was a constant struggle for many years. Many people helped me in a variety of ways for me to dance. I'm living in my dream. There's no excuse to give up.

6. What is the place where you feel most yourself?
The dance studio

7. What is the coolest thing about being a dancer?
The whole lifestyle is amazing. We get to portray different characters all the time. One day I'm a prince, the next a pirate. It's constantly engaging. The demand for your level of work always stays high.

8. If you can have a superpower, what would it be?
To read other people’s minds. It would make my life a lot easier.

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