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data-os="" data-browser="undefined"> Hong Kong Ballet On Tour 2022 | Touring | See HKB | HK Ballet

An important global ambassador for Hong Kong, Hong Kong Ballet presents the best of the city’s creativity and innovative drive to the world through its exciting international tours. Over the years, audiences throughout Europe, USA and China have been thrilled by the HKB’s inspiring artistry, elegant technicality and dynamic repertoire. In March 2022, ALICE hits the road, as HKB tours its exuberant production of ALICE (in wonderland) to audiences throughout the US east coast, featuring over-the-top physicality and exhilarating designs by Cirque de Soleil designer Liz Vandal. The Hong Kong premiere won Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer, Outstanding Ensemble Performance and Outstanding Costume Design at Hong Kong Dance Awards 2019.

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