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data-os="" data-browser="undefined"> “BRIDGES”—Ballet in the City Video Competition |


Ballet in the City Video Competition

Bridges are everywhere, they connect different spaces and allow communities to meet. They unite us – bring us to our next adventure and connect friends and neighbours. Hong Kong is reopening, and now we can finally connect with each other and with our audiences. Hong Kong Ballet is launching “BRIDGES”, a special dance video project and competition which will connect all of us through our shared love of dance.

Many bridges in Hong Kong have unique characteristics. Some are modern, some are historical; others are landmarks and our generation’s collective memories. We invite you to create short dance pieces on video, on a bridge of your choice. Find the bridges and interesting sceneries around them; and discover the beauty of our home.

The best entries of the competition can win our merchandise and tickets to our productions. Furthermore, we would like to commission three high quality dance videos in this theme from the dance community. Upon successful vetting of your video proposal, we can provide a production fee of HKD10,000 for shooting of the videos. More details below.

We may be apart, but by sharing our love of dance virtually, we can still “dance together”. 

So pick up your phone, start filming and we look forward to your submission!

Competition Information and Requirements

Category Who can join? Video Length Video requirements (Please also refer to the detailed terms and conditions) 
Open General Public 30s - 1  min 
  • Shoot vertically in 16:9
  • 1920x1080p resolution or above
  • Filmed with “Bridge” element
  • Set music (choices below): 
  1. My Life as Mcdull soundtrack
    Download File
  2. Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: 2nd movement
    Download File
  • For those who are interested in producing a professional short dance film
  • 18 years old or above in 2021
  • Hong Kong permanent resident
1 - 5 mins
  • Free choice of music
  • 1920x1080p resolution or above
  • Filmed with “Bridge” element
    *Video shoot proposal application needed
    *We will select and fund up to three proposals to be filmed 

Application and Video Submission

Category How to submit the video?   Application Process
  1. UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO HERE (Please use your full name as the file name)
  2. Like and share our “BRIDGES”  Ballet in the City Video Competition post on Instagram and Facebook
  3. Share your video to Instagram and Facebook in your personal account (please set your profile to be public), hashtag #balletinthecity and tag Hong Kong Ballet @hongkongballet

Fill in an Enrolment Form


Please send your video proposal to: [email protected] SEND US NOW 

Judging Criteria

The judging panel will be comprised of Hong Kong Ballet artistic team.

Use of surroundings/space
Use of camera
Relevance to main theme


Open Category
Deadline for Video Submission 30 Jul 2021 (Fri) 
Result Announcement  27 Aug 2021 (Fri)

Open Category Awards and Prizes

Successful applicants will be contacted individually and the list of winners will also be posted on our website. Selected videos will be published on our social media platforms. Awards and prize details as follows:

Overall Champion (1 pax)

  • Hong Kong Ballet x Moleskine notebook
  • Backstage tour and chance to take a picture with our Principal dancer
  • 2 pairs of complimentary ticket*

Champions (9 pax)

  • Hong Kong Ballet x Moleskine notebook
  • 1 pair of complimentary ticket*

First runner-ups (15 pax)

  • Hong Kong Ballet Merchandise Black shoulder bag
  • 1 pair of complimentary ticket*

Second runner-ups (30 pax)

  • Hong Kong Ballet Merchandise Pink pointe shoe pencil bag

Award for most liked entries (4 pax)^

  • Hong Kong Ballet Brand Photo A4 Files
  • 5" Green Soldier Nutcracker

*Each pair of tickets can be used to attend one of our performances of The Sleeping Beauty in October 2021 or The Nutcracker in December 2021.
^The first 4 entries to reached 500 Likes on Facebook and Instagram (combined) and have sent a screen capture of the liked post(s) to [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

  1. All entrants must be the owner of their videos, all submissions must be original works and have not been published on other platforms.
  2. Entrants must get a prior written consent of the relevant third party before using third party materials in the video. Entrants must acknowledge any authorised use of third party materials in accordance with the relevant copyright laws. For details of the Copyright Ordinance, please visit www.legislation.gov.hk. Hong Kong Ballet shall not be  responsible directly or indirectly for any liability arising from any violation of copyright laws. Entrants are responsible for all liability arising there from.
  3. By entering the competition, entrants grant Hong Kong Ballet the rights to all submitted videos and Hong Kong Ballet reserves the right to edit and publish the videos in the future without notice to entrants.
  4. Videos can be edited. The set music cannot be edited or remixed, you can only cut the music according to your video length.
  5. There is no restriction on the genre of dance or the number of dancers in the videos.
  6. Both colour or black & white videos are accepted.
  7. There is no restriction on the video format, but it must not contain commercial/advertising elements.
  8. This competition is free of charge.
  9. Entrants are not allowed to withdraw from the competition or amend the video after submission.
  10. One video can be used to enter one category of the competition only.
  11. Each person can only participate in one category of the competition only, but there is no restriction on the number of works submitted for the same category.
  12. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail. Hong Kong Ballet reserves the right to the final decision of the competition at any time without prior notice. 
  13. Please follow the latest social distancing measures required by the HKSAR Government and be respectful to the others when shooting.
  14. Personal data collected will be treated as confidential and will be used by Hong Kong Ballet to promote the company’s performances and classes.

Reference Video

Reference Video 1

Dancers: YE Feifei, LIN Chang-yuan Kyle

Music: My Life as Mcdull soundtrack

Composer: Necke

Arranger: 姬聲雅士/何崇志

Lyrics: 謝立文

Reference Video 2

Dancers: CHEN Zhiyao, Garry CORPUZ

Music: Eine kleine Nachtmusik: 2nd movement

Composer: Mozart

Performed by: Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

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