Pre-Ballet Foundation Programme introduce young students to the fundamentals of classical ballet by exploring creativity and expression through imaginative movement. With a dynamic syllabus designed by child development and dance education experts, these lively classes support the development of enhanced motor skills and introduce children to proper body alignment, spatial awareness, basic ballet technique and terminology, and musicality in a playful, educational environment.

Application for 23/24 Pre-Ballet Mid-year Entry Assessment

Entry Assessment

Prospective students ages 4 - 5+ will need to undergo an evaluation prior to joining the foundation programme . This assessment will resemble a trial ballet class, and HKB teachers will see if a student is excited to explore their love of ballet and dance. Teachers evaluate students based on their ability to follow instructions, natural musicality, expression and physical ability. We want to ensure that ballet training will be safe and healthy for our students as it requires a great deal of flexibility and strength

Faculty teachers will give the final decision on student's placement level. Some students may need to attend a lower level or attend two levels concurrently for a half-year period before mid-term evaluation.

Application for 23/24 Pre-Ballet Mid-year Entry Assessment

Mid-year Entry Assessment

Date: 7 Jan 2024 (Sun)
Venue: Hong Kong Ballet Studios, Happy Valley

14:00-14:45 - ages 4

14:45-15:30 - ages 5+

*Successful candidates will attend training from mid-February to June in the 2nd term.

*Mid-year admissions for students will require a minimum of one year to complete a level or potentially longer.

Students who are age 6+ should refer to this link

Levels Progression

All students must enter a placement assessment during the intake period before entry. Once a student is admitted into our programme, they will be placed in a class based on their current technical ability.

The syllabus is designed to build upon concepts introduced in the previous level. A student may spend one or two years at each level based on a number of factors, but growth is a major consideration. The health of our students is paramount and it is best to have a student repeat a level if they do not demonstrate the strength and correct placement for the next level syllabus. The year-end assessment of the student’s progress will determine the student’s placement the following year.

Enrollment is not guaranteed from one year to the next. Students who continue to make satisfactory progress but are not yet physically ready for the next level may be invited to continue their enrollment for a second year at the same level.

Pre-Ballet Foundation Programme is not a part of the graded curriculum of Classical Ballet Training Programme. Students who complete the Pre-Ballet curriculum and are seeking admission to our Level 1 class will attend an entry assessment.

In Pre-Ballet 1 - 2 (ages 4-5+), classes will meet one day per week from September 2023–June 2024. Students may continue training in their home studio, but it is not compulsory.


Students will have the opportunity to perform in a end-term class demonstration, where they can show their family and friends the skills and artistry that they have learned throughout the year.

Students can also participate in a year-end performance on a large stage. In addition to their weekly classes, students are required to attend weekend rehearsals in order to participate in year-end performances.

Only students ages 7+ will have the chance to audition for Hong Kong Ballet productions like The Nutcracker and more. Students who are selected for performances need to commit extra time in rehearsals.


Students must register for the class based on their age as of 31 December 2022. Classes for the 2023–24 will be in the studios at Happy Valley in Hong Kong. Class size is limited. 


Classes will meet one day per week from September 2023 –June 2024. 



Session of Training

Class duration

Full-year Course fee^

Two Installments*

Pre-Ballet 1

1 class per week, 34 weeks

45 mins

HKD 8,200

HKD 4,500/ installment

Pre-Ballet 2

1 class per week, 34 weeks

1 hour

HKD 9,500

HKD 5,200/ installment

Upon enrollment, students will be committing to classes for the entire academic year from September 2023 to June 2024. 

Parents can choose to pay the tuition fee for the whole year in one full payment or in two installments. Please note the numerical difference between the two payment methods.

^For parents who choose to pay in one full payment, the course fee will be assessed during enrollment.

*For parents who choose to pay in two installments, the first installment will be assessed during enrollment. The second installment will be due in early February (two weeks before the second term).


Teachers may arrange additional classes including extra supplementary classes and preparation classes for evaluation and assessment. Additional class fees will be charged.

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