The Hong Kong Ballet Guild 2019/20
  • Mrs Anne WANG LIU (Co-chair)
  • Mrs Connie WEI YANG (Co-chair)
  • Mrs Liana YUNG YEUNG (Co-chair)

Principal Guild
  • Mrs Deirdre FU TCHENG
  • Ms Desiree WOO

Soloist Guild
  • Mrs Leigh TUNG CHOU
  • Mrs Lillian LEE FONG
  • Mrs Michele Pek Lian LAI
  • Mrs Vikki TSANG ONG
  • Ms Peggy Pei Chee YEOH
  • Mrs Valerie YEUNG

Coryphée Guild
  • Mrs Colleen YU FUNG
  • Mrs Alison CHAN LAM
  • Mrs Katerina PRENTICE
  • Ms Wendy WING
  • Ms Edna WONG

Corps de Ballet Guild
  • The Bank of East Asia Ltd.
  • Mrs Jee Eun CHAO
  • Ms Vada CHUNG
  • Mrs Michelle MILLER ERB
  • Mrs Catherine FREEMAN
  • Mrs Emily LAM HO
  • Mrs Alina HUO KNOTHE
  • Ms Elaine C KWOK
  • Mrs Joan KWOK
  • Professor Ava KWONG
  • Ms May LAU
  • Ms Wendy LAW
  • Mrs Stephanie LI
  • Ms Jolene LIN
  • Ms Maya LIN
  • Ms Michelle LEUNG SULGER
  • Mrs Emelda WONG TRAINOR
  • Mrs Ayase WATARI
  • Mrs Alice TONG WONG
  • Ms Vicky XU
  • Ms LeighAnne ZHU

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