Management & Staff

  • Executive Director
    Heidi LEE
  • Executive Secretary to Executive Director (Contract)
    Elaine LO

  • IT & Administration Manager
    Amy MA
  • IT & Administrative Officer
    Barbie KWAN
  • Office Assistant
    Flora HAU

Creative Media Studio
  • Creative Video & Media Director
    Andreas GUZMAN
  • Video Editor (Contract)
    Justin HO
  • Cinematographer (Contract)
    Darren TAN

  • Director of Development
    Raymond YEUNG
  • Development Manager
    Wendy LAM
  • Assistant Development Manager
    Sandy LEE
  • Assistant Development Manager
    Sarah TONG
  • Development Officer (Contract)
    Celia FUNG
  • Project Officer (Contract)
    Vincent LAM

Education & Community Outreach
  • Senior Education & Community Outreach Manager
    Vency KWOK
  • Education & Community Outreach Coordinator (Contract)
    Crystal PANG

  • Head of Finance & HR
    Joey CHENG
  • Assistant Accounting Manager
    Shirley KUAN
  • Accounting Officer
    Mandy HO
  • Assistant Accounting Officer
    Heidi LEUNG

Human Resources
  • Human Resources Manager
    Timmie YEUNG
  • Human Resources Officer (Contract)
    Natalie CHOI

  • Senior Marketing Manager
    Alexia CHOW
  • Communications & Programme Manager
    Jerry QIU
  • Assistant Marketing Manager
    Eunice HO
  • Project Manager (Contract)
    Elaine WONG
  • Senior Marketing and PR Officer
    Ruth CHUNG
  • Senior Digital Officer, Content Marketing (Contract)
    Lolo CHU
  • Marketing Officer
    WU Tsz Mei
  • Marketing Officer
    Minnie CHUNG
  • Senior Merchandise Development Officer (Contract)
    Eugenia CHAN
  • Editor (Part-time)
    Valerie CHEUNG KOO

Artistic Team
  • Artistic Director
    Septime WEBRE
  • Company & Special Project Manager
    Sarita CHAN
  • Artistic Project Officer (Contract)
    Cherie CHAN

Health and Wellness Team
  • Physiotherapist
    Eleanor NGAN KEE
  • Physiotherapist
    Upekha SENAWEERA
  • Company Wellness Counselor
    Melody FUNG

  • Senior Programme Manager
    Caroline CHEUNG
  • Programme Officer
    Sarah LUI

  • Head of Technical and Stage Management
    Thomas LEUNG
  • Production Manager
    Martin LEUNG
  • Stage Manager
    Karen KWONG
  • Deputy Stage Manager
    Yvonne LAM
  • Assistant Stage Manager
    Man KWONG
  • Assistant Stage Manager
    Hannah LAM
  • Technician
    Jane TAI
  • Production Assistant (Contract)
    Joey MAN

  • Director of Wardrobe
    Joanne CHONG
  • Assistant of Wardrobe Director
    Stephenie CHAN
  • Project Coordinator, Wardrobe
    Carrie LAI
  • Seamstress
    Yao YAO

  • Associate Director of Training
    Irene LO
  • Artistic Administrator
    Sasa CHOW
  • Artistic Development Officer (Contract)
    Dawnie KWOK

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