“Cinderella” Creative Ballet Animateur Scheme 2013-14
Finale Performance and Sharing Meeting

Hong Kong – 11th April 2014 – The project, initiated by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and presented in partnership with The Hong Kong Ballet, ran this year for the 14th time. Six primary schools joined the 2013-14 project.

Finale Performances by the three schools of timeslot 1 in the project were held in March 2014, at the school halls of Christian Alliance Toi Shan H C Chan Primary School, Fanling Assembly of God Church Primary School and GCCITKD Cheong Wong Wai Primary Schools. Students showcased what they had learnt from seven months of training, displaying props and decorative headdresses made by the students themselves, and danced alongside a set that magically transformed on stage. The performances in the show were fantast.

Students got to know the characters in Cinderella thanks to the intensive courses. There was the beautiful and kind Cinderella, the dastardly Stepmother and two stepsisters, the handsome Prince, the magical Fairy godmother and her fairies as well as a supporting cast of noble guests at the Ball. The Finale Performance, narrated by a hilarious story-teller, was made possible by our dramaturge, choreographer, costume designer, all the instructors of this training project, and The Hong Kong Ballet’s technical staff.

Participating students received a certificate and shared their experiences during the Sharing Meeting right after the Finale Performance. They talked about how much they enjoyed the project’s successful completion, and explained that through the scheme they got to know friends from different classes too. The students loved using their hand-made props and sets on the stage as well as the decorative headdresses. This May, there will be more Finale Performances and Sharing Meetings at the other 3 participating schools.

About The Hong Kong Ballet

One of the premier classical ballet companies in Asia, The Hong Kong Ballet is becoming internationally recognised as a world-class institution that represents Hong Kong’s unique character. November 2013 marked the 35th anniversary of The Hong Kong Ballet, a Company that has evolved into a vibrant performing arts organisation with accomplished dancers, a strong repertoire, and sparkling, technically challenging productions.

The Company’s artistic team is led by Artistic Director Madeleine Onne, with over 40 dancers originating from all over the world. The Company performs a repertoire that combines classical masterpieces and acclaimed contemporary works from the 19th to 21st centuries, as well as new commissions.

Since 1997, The Hong Kong Ballet has continued to raise its international profile with more than 30 tours. An integral part of the Company’s activities is its extensive education and community outreach programme, which brings the art of ballet to students as well as to the wider community of Hong Kong.

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Students loved dressing up in costume, and felt very proud to wear decorative headdress they had made themselves.


The Fairy Godmother and her Fairies used magic wands that they made to transform the drab and downtrodden Cinderella into a beautiful princess.


These lovely ladies danced gracefully at the Ball, hoping to capture the prince’s heart. The participants themselves decorated these eye-catching chairs.


Participating students all received a certificate during the Sharing Meeting right after the Finale Performance.


The little girl who danced the role of the Prince expressed how much she enjoyed the project and the Finale Performance, and said she was so happy that her parents attended the Performance.


Students took part in 7 months of training in dance, costume and behind-the-scenes. They showcased all they had learnt at the Finale Performance of Cinderella in their own school hall.


A Room of Her Own
Dancer: Wu Fei-fei
Photographer: Conrad Dy-Liacco


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