Hong Kong Ballet’s Europe Tour 2018

Returning to Germany, Spain and Débuting in Serbia with Three Overseas Premières

[Hong Kong – 13 Feb 2018] This March, Hong Kong Ballet will make its long-awaited return to Europe after a decade to delight audiences in Spain, Germany and Serbia with an innovative and intercultural mixed bill programme featuring Fei Bo's Shenren Chang, which strives to seamlessly integrate eastern perspectives into ballet; Edwaard Liang's Sacred Thread, which explores tensions among relationships within marriage; and Jorma Elo's Shape of Glow, which brings musicality to life through movement. Commissioned and premièred by Hong Kong Ballet, these three works will receive their overseas premières on this tour, showcasing for the European audiences the consummate artistry of the dancers.

The two-week tour will showcase the engaging versatility, rich artistry and technical excellence of the world-class Company dancers with performances at Teatro Auditorio, San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Madrid, Spain (9-10 March); Theater Bonn in Bonn, Germany (14-15 March); Stadthalle Neuss in Neuss, Germany (17 March); Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, Serbia (21 March); and Sava Center in Belgrade, Serbia (23 March).

One of the premier classical ballet companies in Asia, Hong Kong Ballet is a top arts institution that represents Hong Kong’s unique character and has continued to raise its international profile with more than 40 tours to 10 countries throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. Special thanks to PUMA for once again participating as the official Tour Uniform Partner. 

Performance details

Mixed Bill

Fei Bo                   Shenren Chang

Edwaard Liang     Sacred Thread

Jorma Elo             Shape of Glow

1.    Madrid, Spain
Theatre Auditorium, San Lorenzo de El Escorial
9-10 March 2018 (Fri-Sat) 7:30pm
€ 28.50
Programme enquiries: (+34) 918 90 07 07

2.    Bonn, Germany
Theater Bonn
14-15 March 2018 (Wed-Thu) 7:30pm
€ 13.00, € 29.50, € 36.10, € 48.20, € 59.20

3.    Neuss, Germany
Big hall, Stadthalle Neuss
17 March 2018 (Sat) 8:00pm
€ 25.10 - € 71.10

4.    Novi Sad, Serbia
Serbian National Theatre
21 March 2018 (Wed) 8:00pm
RSD 800, 1,000, 1,200

5.    Belgrade, Serbia
Sava Center
23 March 2018 (Fri) 8:00pm
RSD 1,700, 2,000, 2,300

About Shenren Chang
Inspired by the ancient guqin music Shenren Chang (‘Harmony between Gods and Men’), Fei Bo continues the dialogue between eastern perspectives and western ballet art. This work, through the dancer’s limbs, attempts to capture the rhythm of blood pumping, the movement of air from breathing, and the collision and integration of the five life elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water which signifies the world's primordial essence and fundamental nature. This piece abstractly illustrates the Chinese concepts of yin and yang, five life elements and the spiritual realm of the unity of man and universe.

Choreography: Fei Bo
Music: Wen Zi (Shenren Chang)
Guqin: Na Wu
Zheng: Jing Chang
Vocal: Fu-jia Cao
Cello: Ping Zhang
Clarinet: Yi He
Costume Design: Kun Li
Set Design: Bacchus Lee
Assistant Set Design: Stacy Wing-kwan Ip
Original Lighting Design: Kwok-fai Mak

About Sacred Thread 
Commissioned by Hong Kong Ballet, Edwaard Liang's Sacred Thread draws inspiration from Chinese weddings and touches upon uncertainty, sacrifice and freedom in relationships. Set to John Adam's driving tempo, Liang evokes ambivalence through vivid realism and athletic choreography. The flourishes in the piece reflect intense emotions.

Choreography: Edwaard Liang
Music: John Adams
Costume Design: Bridget Steis
Lighting Design: Mak Kwok Fai

About Shape of Glow
Musicality is the key to unlocking the secrets of Shape of Glow. Set to three pieces of music by Mozart and Beethoven, Shape of Glow is a study of the structure of music. Its energy resides in the score, and Elo uses the dancers’ bodies to explore the mood and texture of Mozart’s and Beethoven’s orchestrations. The steps speak of the emotions sparked within Elo by the music as he created the ballet. Joyful and celebratory, this majestic piece was created especially for Hong Kong Ballet.

Choreographer:    Jorma Elo
Music:    Mozart    Symphony No. 28 in C
              Mozart        Piano Concerto No. 27 in B flat
              Beethoven Consecration of the House Overture
Costume Designer:    Yumiko Takeshima
Original Lighting Design: Goh Boon Ann

Tour Uniform Partner


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Photo 1: Shenren Chang | Hong Kong Ballet Dancers | Photographer: Conrad Dy-Liacco


Photo 2: Sacred Thread | Dancers: Hong Kong Ballet Dancers | Photographer: Conrad Dy-Liacco


Photo 3: Shape of Glow | Dancers (from left): Jin Yao, Shunsuke Arimizu, Liu Yuyao (till 2017) | Photographer: Conrad Dy-Liacco


About Hong Kong Ballet

An eclectic mix of talent, a balance of classical and contemporary works, and a unique repertoire are the trademarks of Hong Kong Ballet, Asia’s premier ballet company. Internationally recognised and acclaimed for its creativity, talent and artistry, the Company, led by Artistic Director Septime Webre, is committed to providing captivating experiences that delight and inspire audiences from all walks of life, both at home and abroad.

For further information, please contact:
Nick Chan

Director of Marketing
T: 2105 9716
M: 9728 1777
[email protected]

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