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data-os="" data-browser="undefined"> The Hong Kong Ballet Guild EventSponsored by Shanghai Tang | Media | Meet HKB | HK Ballet

The Hong Kong Ballet Guild Event

Sponsored by Shanghai Tang

[Hong Kong – 20 Sep 2016]  On 19 September 2016, The Hong Kong Ballet Guild hosted its first Guild event of the 2016/17 Season, graciously sponsored by luxury fashion brand Shanghai Tang. A private viewing of its new AW2016 collection followed by a luncheon at the Shanghai Tang flagship mansion.

Mr Raffaele Borriello, Creative Director of Shanghai Tang, introduced the brand’s impressive Imperial Tailoring Atelier, which rejuvenates the ancient art of Shanghainese craftsmanship with the finest European fabrics and innovative silhouettes. 

During the luncheon, The Hong Kong Ballet Guild Co-chairs Mrs Leigh Tung Chou, Mrs Anne Wang Liu and Mrs Sharie Ross Tse thanked all of the Guild members and guests for their loyal patronage and support as well as Shanghai Tang for generously sponsoring the event. Mr Raffaele Borriello also warmly welcomed the Guild members and their guests and the Hong Kong Ballet representatives.

Hong Kong Ballet’s Artistic Director Madeleine Onne provided the guests with an insider’s perspective of the 2016/17 Season’s exciting productions including the Asian première of Val Caniparoli’s Lady of the Camellias in November, touring plans and other special activities.

Since its establishment in 2008, The Hong Kong Ballet Guild has regularly arranged events, including the annual Nutcracker Christmas Benefit, Post-performance Parties, Meet-and-Greet Sessions with the dancers, Studio Visits and Backstage Tours. The Guild also engages with the community by extending invitations to children from various charitable organisations to watch Hong Kong Ballet’s performances.

Attendance List 
Representative from Shanghai Tang
Mr Raffaele Borriello, Creative Director of Shanghai Tang

Members of The Hong Kong Ballet Guild & Guests
Mrs Leigh Tung Chou (Co-chair of The Hong Kong Ballet Guild)
Mrs Anne Wang Liu (Co-chair of The Hong Kong Ballet Guild)
Mrs Sharie Ross Tse (Co-chair of The Hong Kong Ballet Guild)
Ms Daisy Ho (Chairman of Hong Kong Ballet Board of Governors)
Mrs Mira Yeh (Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Ballet Board of Governors)
Mrs Janice Chan-Choy (Hong Kong Ballet Board of Governors)
Ms Linda Fung (Hong Kong Ballet Board of Governors)
Mrs Deirdre Fu Tcheng (Hong Kong Ballet Board of Governors)
Mrs Daphne King Yao (Hong Kong Ballet Board of Governors)
Mrs Connie Wei Yang (Co-Chair of The Nutcracker Christmas Benefit)
Mrs Liana Yung Yeung (Co-Chair of The Nutcracker Christmas Benefit)
Ms Celine Chan
Ms Diana Chen
Mr Peter Cheung
Mrs Lillian Lee Fong
Ms Reyna Harilela
Ms Shirley Hiranand
Mrs Samantha Wong Hon
Ms Martha Keswick
Ms Berry Lam
Mrs Evan Lau-Sarkis
Mrs Yvonne Cheung Ma
Ms Emma Sherrard Matthew
Ms Tania Mohan
Mrs Audry Ai Morrow
Mrs Ruri Pao
Ms Belinda Peng
Ms Alicia Tan
Ms Annie Ho Ting
Mrs Tamara Varga
Ms Sandra Wong
Mrs Vicky Wong

The Hong Kong Ballet Guild Event Sponsor


[Click on the photo to download full image]

From left: Mrs Sharie Ross Tse, The Hong Kong Ballet Guild Co-Chair; Mrs Connie Wei Yang, The Nutcracker Christmas Benefit 2016 Co-Chair; Mrs Mira Yeh, Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Ballet Board of Governors; Mr Raffaele Borriello, Creative Director of Shanghai Tang; Ms Daisy Ho, Chairman of Hong Kong Ballet Board of Governors; Mrs Anne Wang Liu, The Hong Kong Ballet Guild Co-Chair; Mrs Liana Yung Yeung, The Nutcracker Christmas Benefit 2016 Co-Chair; Mrs Leigh Tung Chou, The Hong Kong Ballet Guild Co-Chair


From left: Mrs Leigh Tung Chou, Mrs Sharie Ross Tse, Mrs Anne Wang Liu


From left: Mrs Liana Yung Yeung, Mrs Connie Wei Yang; Ms Madeleine Onne, Artistic Director of Hong Kong Ballet; Mrs Deirdre Fu Tcheng and Ms Linda Fung, Hong Kong Ballet Board of Governors


From left: Mrs Mira Yeh; Mr Raffaele Borriello, Creative Director of Shanghai Tang; Ms Daisy Ho


From left: Ms Linda Fung, Ms Daisy Ho


From left: Mrs Leigh Tung Chou, Mrs Daphne King Yao


Mr Raffaele Borriello


From left: Mr Raffaele Borriello, Mrs Anne Wang Liu, Mrs Connie Wei Yang


From left: Mr Peter Cheung, Mrs Sharie Ross Tse


From left: Mrs Connie Wei Yang, Mrs Deirdre Fu Tcheng



From left: Mrs Janice Chan-Choy, Hong Kong Ballet Board of Governors; Ms Sandra Wong


From left: Mrs Audry Ai Morrow, Ms Martha Keswick, Mrs Tamara Varga



From left: Ms Shirley Hiranand, Ms Alicia Tan, Ms Reyna Harilela


Mrs Anne Wang Liu


Mrs Evan Lau-Sarkis


From left: Mrs Anne Wang Liu, Mr Raffaele Borriello, Mrs Mira Yeh


From left: Ms Madeleine Onne, Mrs Lillian Lee Fong


From left: Mr Peter Cheung, Mr Raffaele Borriello, Mrs Mira Yeh


From left: Mrs Yvonne Cheung Ma, Ms Belinda Peng, Ms Sandra Wong, Mrs Liana Yung Yeung, Mrs Connie Wei Yang


About Hong Kong Ballet Guild

The Hong Kong Ballet Guild was established in April 2008 by a group of Hong Kong’s most avid ballet enthusiasts. The objectives of the Guild are to promote Hong Kong Ballet, raise its public profile, and preserve its heritage. By increasing awareness of and support for ballet among diverse sectors of society through extensive community engagement programmes, the Guild hopes to achieve its dual objects of developing a wider audience for Hong Kong Ballet, and fostering a society that appreciates this art form, thus enabling Hong Kong to flourish as a global cultural hub.

About Hong Kong Ballet

An eclectic mix of talent, a balance of classical and contemporary works, and a unique repertoire are the trademarks of Hong Kong Ballet, Asia’s premier ballet company. Internationally recognised and acclaimed for its creativity, talent and artistry, the Company, led by Artistic Director Madeleine Onne, is committed to providing captivating experiences that delight and inspire audiences from all walks of life, both at home and abroad.

About Shanghai Tang

Since its inception in 1994, Shanghai Tang has been the pioneering luxury lifestyle brand from China. With its mission as the global curator of modern Chinese aesthetics, Shanghai Tang interprets Chinese culture and craftsmanship with vibrant sophistication and relevance. Offering ready to-wear for women, men and children, as well as accessories and home ware, Shanghai Tang supports an international network of 43 boutiques, including the world’s largest lifestyle flagship – The Shanghai Tang Mansion, at 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong and its largest flagship boutique, The Cathay Mansion in Shanghai, China.

For further information, please contact:
Nick Chan

Director of Marketing
T: 2105 9716
M: 9728 1777
[email protected]

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