A Swashbuckling spectacle winning seven nominations and four awards at Hong Kong Dance Awards 2018

Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer
Outstanding Ensemble Performance
Outstanding Large Venue Production
Outstanding Set and Costume Design

Back by popular demand, Le Corsaire is a swashbuckling tale of dashing pirates, bumbling pashas and beautiful harem girls. Based on The Corsair by Lord Byron and staged by Anna-Marie Holmes, this vibrant production is filled with adventure, comedy, and romance from its colourful cast of characters. With suspenseful abductions and dramatic rescues, Le Corsaire culminates an unexpected shipwreck that’s one of the most breathtaking spectacles in all of ballet!

29.3.2019 (Fri) 7:30pm
30 - 31.3.2019 (Sat - Sun) 2:30pm & 7:30pm
Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall
Tickets available at URBTIX from 29 January 2019
$300, $200, $100
The performance lasts approximately 2 hours 15 minutes including 2 intermissions
Ages 3 and above
Cast List for lead roles
Date/Time 29 Mar 7:30pm
30 Mar 7:30pm
31 Mar 7:30pm
30 Mar 2:30pm
31 Mar 2:30pm
Conrad LI Jiabo WEI Wei
Ali LI Lin LI Jiabo
Medora YE Feifei Venus VILLA
Lankendem XIA Jun Garry CORPUZ
Gulnare CHEN Zhiyao WANG Qingxin
Birbanto Luis CABRERA LI Lin

Download House Programme (PDF, 8MB)

Pirate captain Conrad and his faithful crew sail across the high seas to Turkey.

Conrad and his men arrive at Lankendem’s noisy bazaar and he sees the beautiful slave girl Medora for sale. Conrad and Medora fall in love at first sight. When Seyd the Pasha, governor of the citadel, arrives, Lankendem presents some girls to him. The enigmatic Gulnare is introduced, and the Pasha buys her. Meanwhile, Conrad’s slave, Ali, steals Medora, and they attempt to escape, but Medora is stopped by Lankendem. Seeing her beauty, the Pasha buys her immediately. Conrad commands Ali to steal Medora, and the pirates to raid the village.

Conrad shows Medora his grotto hideout, while his second-in-command Birbanto calls all the pirates to bring in their stolen bounty. Medora pleads for the slave girls’ freedom. While Conrad agrees, Birbanto rebels, causing a ferocious fight among the pirates. When Conrad triumphs, Birbanto sprays a rose with sleeping potion and forces Lankendem to give it to Medora, who unwittingly gives it to Conrad. When Conrad falls into a drugged sleep, the pirates return and attempt to capture Medora. Medora cuts Birbanto’s arm while struggling. In the confusion, Lankendem steals Medora and escapes. Stunned and broken-hearted, Conrad discovers Medora missing while Birbanto feigns ignorance and swears his loyalty to him.


The playful Gulnare is interrupted by Lankendem bringing in the veiled Medora. The Pasha is delighted that Medora has been recaptured and declares that she will become his number one wife.

Delighted by all his exquisite women, the Pasha dreams of them in a beautiful garden.

The Pasha is awakened by the arrival of Conrad, Birbanto and the pirates, disguised as pilgrims as they enter the palace. When they reveal themselves as pirates, chaos erupts! Conrad and his men victoriously chase away the Pasha and his entourage. Medora exposes Birbanto as a traitor, so Conrad shoots him. Afterwards, Ali helps Medora, Gulnare and Conrad escape to the ship.

With Conrad at the helm with Medora in his arms, the pirate ship sails upon a calm sea. Suddenly, a fierce storm appears, destroying the ship and causing it to sink.

As the wind and sea subside, the moon illuminates Conrad and Medora, clinging to a rock and miraculously surviving, a testimony to the strength of their love.

Choreography: Anna-Marie Holmes (after Sergeyev/Petipa)
In a version by Anna-Marie Holmes
Music: Adolphe Adam, Léo Delibes, Prince Oldenbourg, Cesare Pugni, Riccardo Drigo and Baron BorisFitinhoff-Schell
(Re-orchestrated by Kevin Galie)
Libretto: Jules-Henri de Saint-Georges and Joseph Mazilier
(Based on The Corsair (1814) by Lord Byron)
Set & Costume Design: Hugo Millán
Lighting Design: Billy Chan


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