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data-os="" data-browser="undefined"> HK Ballet x M+ LIVE ART— Five Tiny Dances | Current Season | See HKB | HK Ballet

To commemorate the opening of M+, Hong Kong’s new museum of visual culture, Hong Kong Ballet showcases Five Tiny Dances.

Five Tiny Dances will animate the newly-opened public spaces throughout M+ and enchant audiences of all ages through dynamic movement and rhythm. Highlights include excerpts from Hong Kong Ballet Choreographer-in-Residence Hu Song Wei Ricky’s The Lost Season, a highly physical meditation on our relationship with Earth and our responsibilities towards the environment. Accompanied by Max Richter's iconic reimagining of Vivaldi’s epic The Four SeasonsThe Lost Season is a thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting experience that inspires audiences to be better stewards of the natural world. The other four pieces, choreographed by Jessica Burrows, Feng Jingyi, Li Lin, and Lin Chang-yuan Kyle, encompass timely environmental and climate change topics, which inspire us to take steps towards a better future.

Co-presented with M+ and in partnership with The ADM Capital Foundation, CWR, and HK2050isNOW, these short ballet pieces are previews to the collaborative HK BALLET x M+ LIVE ART—Beyond Carbon: The Climate Change Project.

Entry to M+ is free for all. Please register in advance through the M+ website, West Kowloon website or through the West Kowloon app, by selecting a day and visit time that suits you. Most of the admission timeslots for the opening weekend are now fully booked. Walk-in visits will be allowed subject to availability, but waiting times for entry may be extended, especially in the afternoons.

19 NOV 2021 (Fri) 8:00pm
20 NOV 2021 (Sat) 2:00pm
M+, West Kowloon Cultural District


The Enduring Cycle (World Premiere)

Trees thrive, flourish and are grown to protect nature. A seed signifies the birth of a life and implies hope.

Choreography: Li Lin

Invisible Echo (World Premiere)

Everything in the world resounds.

Invisible Echo depicts marine ecology's response to 'fast fashion'.

When humans consume fast fashion, marine life is forced to wear 'new clothes'.

If used fast fashion items don’t disappear but grew on you like a tail, how long would your tail be? In rehearsals, dancers used plastic bags that were repurposed into costumes, creating an ever-growing invisible tail. This perpetual echo resonates in natural ecology and human society alike, in visible and invisible cause and effects, one after another, without end.

Choreography: Feng Jingyi

Carbon Footprint (World Premiere)

We unintentionally pollute the environment to some extent every day. Should we ignore it or face it?

Choreography: Lin Chang-yuan, Kyle

Siren (World Premiere)

In pursuit of what we desire as humans, we leave behind marks. Though humans are ephemeral, the stains that remain accumulate and destroy nature.

Choreography: Jessica Burrows

Excerpts from The Lost Season (World Premiere)

Our decisions matter. How many once-in-a-lifetime extreme weather events has our precious planet experienced this past year alone? Hu Song Wei Ricky's dramatic world premiere ballet is a highly physical meditation on our relationship to Earth and our responsibility to it. Set to Max Richter's iconic re-imagining of Vivaldi's epic The Four Seasons, The Lost Season also features kinetic costumes by Hong Kong-based design duo PONDER.ER. This thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting work inspires us to be better stewards of the world around us.

Choreography: Hu Song Wei Ricky
Music: The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi with rearrangement by Max Richter and Ray Leung
Costume Design and Production: Cheng Chung Hei Derek, Po Ka Lam Alex @PONDER

Sponsors and Partners

Development Fund: Diamond Donor
Development Fund: Diamond Donor

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