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Hong Kong Ballet and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort will enchant audiences of all ages again with StellaLou's Wonderful Wishes Ballet from this April to May! The popular show about heartwarming friendship and following your dreams will run for 4 weeks and feature former HKB dancers, hand-picked dance artists from around the globe and former HKB principal dancer Shen Jie, who will also serve as rehearsal master. Get ready for a delightful tale filled with magical dance and fun characters from this wonderful HKB ensemble.

5 April - 5 May 2024
Disney’s Storybook Theater
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Duffy is the cute and lovable teddy bear that Minnie Mouse handmade as a gift for her sweetheart, Mickey Mouse. She created him as a companion for Mickey so he wouldn’t feel lonely on his maritime adventures. Duffy and Mickey visited all sorts of exciting places together and made a lot of friends along the way, including ShellieMay, Gelatoni, StellaLou, ‘Olu Mel, CookieAnn and their new friend, LinaBell.

Duffy met his friend StellaLou on the American Waterfront, when StellaLou was practicing some ballet moves and stumbled. A concerned Duffy rushed over to help her. StellaLou shared her dream of becoming a dancer, and since then, they have become good friends. 

Cast List


Katrene Marice San Miguel

Ayaka Matsubara

Sara Renda


Shen Jie

Hernan Montenegro

Lucas Jarkander


Choi Jayeon

Reira Ikeda

Isabel Johnson-Darby


Rio Fukunaga

James Yan

Benidict Sabularse


Liang WanTing

Nao Nokubo

Noriko Nakayabashi

Cha Yeyool

Miku Kawamura

Lee Aman

Hina Jinno

Mizuki Tanoue

Noa Shoda


Forest Rain Oliveros

Itsuki Amemiya

Robbie Fisher

Takdanai McLeod-Smith

Etienne Ferrere

Fulvio Gabriele Zamagna/
Xu Luoyi

Li Yaze

Lee Hanjune

Jefferson Reid Bryant

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