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data-os="" data-browser="undefined"> Acknowledgements | Support HKB | HK Ballet

The Nutcracker Christmas Benefit 2021

HK$25,000 or above

Mrs Sylvia Fung

HK$5,000 or above

Ms Lindzay Chan
Mr Tian Hsing Chan
Mr Jun Chen
Ms Betty Cheng
Ms Karen Cheung
Ms Diana Chou
Ms Veronica Chou
Ms Jessica Chow
Mrs Connie Ying Guo
Ms Gillian Ho
Mr Kent Ho
Mrs Yvette Ho
Ms Cheng Lu Hsieh
Ms Frieda Hui
Mrs Alina Huo Knothe
Ms Christine Kwan
Ms Elaine Kwok
Mr Dennis Lam
Mrs Peggy Yeoh Lee
Mrs Christy Liang
Ms Pinky Liang
Ms Jolene Lin
Mr Orson Lo
Ms Roxane Lo
Mrs Leanne Lu-Chu
Mr Alex Pei
Mrs Inna Rodchenko-Highfield
Mrs Chloe Chen Storie
Mrs Emelda Wong Trainor
Mrs Elaine Lui Wong
Mr Wilfred Wong
Ms Sarah Wong
Dr Christine Wu
Mrs Liana Yung Yeung

The Nutcracker Christmas Benefit 2020

HK$10,000 or above

Mrs Liana Yung Yeung
Mrs Bonnie Cook

HK$5,000 or above

Mrs Jennifer Ma Chan
Ms Gigi Choi
Mrs Michelle Miller Erb
Mrs Lillian Lee Fong
Mrs Colleen Yu Fung
Mrs Ariel Shtarkman Ghitis
Ms Daisy Ho
Mrs Emily Lam Ho
Mr Frantz Hotton – Pernod Ricard
Dr Florian Knothe and Mrs Alina Huo Knothe
Mr Benedict Ku
Mr Howard Ku
Ms Elaine C Kwok
Mr Howard Kwok
Ms Karen Kwok
Mrs Alison Chan Lam
Mrs Jean Fang Lam
Ms Wendy Law
Ms Gigi Leung
Ms Jolene Lin
Ms Esther Ma
Mr Ryan Sun
Mrs Deirdre Fu Tcheng
Mrs Emelda Wong Trainor
Mrs Elaine Lui Wong
Ms Peggy Pei Chee Yeoh

HK$3,000 or above

Ms Jacqueline Chow


The Nutcracker Christmas Benefit 2019

HK$25,000 or above

Ms Sylvia Chou

HK$7,500 or above

Dr. Lee Shiu & Dr. Jennie Lee
Ms Doreen Pao

HK$3,000 or above

Avendale International Kindergarten
Ms Cassandra Chan
Mr Samuel Chao
Mr Jonathan Cheng
Mr Peter Cheung
Mrs Janice Chan-Choy
Ms Christine Chung
Mrs Bonnie Cook
Mr Alexandre Giorgini
Ms Connie Ying Guo
Mr Kent Ho and Mrs Emily Lam Ho
Dr. Johnny Hon
Mr Frantz Hotton - Pernod Ricard
Mr. Michael Kwan & Mrs. Vanessa Kwan
Ms Karen Kwok
Ms Robyn Lamsam
Mrs Karen Li Lau
Mr Seng Huang Lee
Mrs Bonnie Li
Mrs Anne Wang Liu
Mr George Lloyd
Ms Sunday Pan
Mrs Katherine Pang
Ms Samanta Pong
Mr Mark Seymour
Mrs Jacqueline Chung Sun
Mrs Sarah Tam
Ms Min-yee Teh
Mrs Emelda Wong Trainor
Ms Sonia Won
Ms Vicky Wong
Mr Paul Yang
Mr Paul Yu
Ms Kathryn Yung
Ms Barbara Zhang

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