Ballet Master

Born in Okinawa, Japan. Yuh Egami graduated from The Royal Ballet School in London and joined Hong Kong Ballet in 2002. He assumed the additional role of Repetiteur for the Company in 2014 and was named Assistant Ballet Master in 2018 before he became Ballet Master in 2019.

Egami choreographed for Hong Kong Ballet's annual Choreographers' Showcase and was associate choreographer to Yuri Ng in his full-length work Firecracker in 2010. Together with Hu Song Wei Ricky, he has co-choreographed several full-length works for the Company–The Frog PrinceA Ballet Chinois in 2013 (as an associate choreographer to Ng), Bolero in 2015, Carmen in 2017 and most recently The Rite of Spring in 2019. Egami and Hu's Bolero and The Rite of Spring respectively won Outstanding Ensemble Performance and Outstanding Choreography at the 2016 and 2020 Hong Kong Dance Awards.

Egami's additional works include a re-choreographed version of Yuri Ng’s Devil’s Tale for Architanz in Japan in 2015, Sonographer in 2011, Firefly in 2016 for E-side Dance Company and Peter and the Wolf for Le Studio Ballet in 2018.

He frequently works with artists from different fields, and notable collaborators include music composers Mike Orange and Mike Yip as well as multimedia designers James Kong and Andy Stoke.

In September 2019, Egami received the Outstanding Dancer Award at the Hong Kong Music And Dance Association Music and Dance Award.

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