ALICE (in wonderland) Taiwan Tour 2018

“The costumes, by Cirque du Soleil designer Liz Vandal, range from the whimsical to slinky to sheer fun, perfectly matching the stunning fashion-forward sets by James Kronzer.

Taipei Times


“Jin (Jin Yao)’s soaring jumps and beautiful feet are ideally suited to the Romantic style and she made even the most demanding passages look effortless.”

“His (Shen Jie) dancing was as inspired as his acting – elegant, expressive and gloriously light.”

“Ye (Ye Feifei)’s dancing was outstanding, with great beauty of line and phrasing.”

Natasha Rogai, Dancing Times

“[Headline] A Traditional Giselle Danced with Vitality and Refinement”

Carla Escoda, Dance Journal

ALICE (in wonderland) Taiwan Tour 2018

ALICE nevertheless has a satisfying narrative arc and plenty to delight youngsters, their parents and seasoned balletomanes.”

Taipei Times

1st Annual International Gala of Stars

“(Sarah Lane and Herman Cornejo) They were dancing so harmoniously and in tune with each other in Twyla Tharp’s Sinatra Suite that it was sheer bliss.”

“Shen Jie danced energetically in the Beatles ballet from A Day in the Life choreographed by Trey McIntyre.”

“This gala was a triumph indeed for the company.”

“Wei Wei gave the best performance of his career on this occasion.”

Kevin Ng, Asia Times

Hong Kong Cool

“[Hu Song Wei Ricky’s When You See] The visual impact is riveting and is matched by a sense of profound emotion from Cabrera (Luis Cabrera)’s performance” 

“[Hu Song Wei Ricky’s When You See] A beautiful piece, original and compelling.”  

“[Forrest Oliveros’s Mellifluous] The choreography was assured and musical”

Natasha Rogai, Dancing Times

ALICE (in wonderland)

“The production is packed with spectacular theatrical effects, fast and furious dancing and blazing energy.”

Natasha Rogai, Dancing Times

“Septime Webre’s ALICE (in Wonderland) for the Hong Kong Ballet is a vivacious, visually
attractive, child-friendly romp through the subterranean hides of Victorian morality… it runs an entire spectrum of humour from the surreal to the slapstick.”

“A flamingo spoof on Swan Lake that works as both parody and homage.”

“The company’s overall quality shines through. Xia Jun, whose dancing has the hint of the androgynous, is a wonderfully strange dodo bird and Ye Feifei as Eaglet, his female counterpart, tossed of a series of very fine á la seconde turns.”

Joy Wang X. Y., SeeingDance

“Stage effects are impressive and occasionally recall Disney and Cirque du Soleil.”

“Alice reaching a gigantic size while dancing on pointe is spectacular and delighted the children in the audience.”

“The divertissements, with a duet for the eaglet and the Dodo bird at the centre, as well as dance for a female corps de ballet of flamingos, provide a satisfying scope of classical dancing.”

“A dragon dance and a fireflies dance are pleasant.”

“James Kroner’s set designs are excellent, especially the backdrop resembling a cubist painting in the rabbit hole scene in Act 1.”

Kevin Ng, Time out

“A luminous, sensuous, fanciful world that while being timeless also references elements from contemporary popular culture.”

“The Jabberwock is an improvised version of the contraption used in Chinese dragon dance, providing a sweet local touch.”

“Chen Zhiyao’s Alice who was completely believable as a curious young woman with a spring in her step.”

Chitralekha Basu, China Daily

“The choreography is consistently well crafted and has some magically inventive moments… Alice doing graceful balletic backstroke in the Pool of Tears.”

“The company’s classical technique is showcased in a delicious homage to the 19th century grand pas de deux in general”

“There’s excellent use of child performers, who are cute without being cloying and perform with astonishing discipline”

“The concept and costumes by Liz Vandal, known for her work with Cirque du Soleil, offer an ingenious realization of Carroll’s fantasy ideas.”

“Venus Villa… is petite and feisty, and made a more convincing little girl, but the taller Chen Zhiyao more than made up for it with some ravishing dancing.”

“Terrifying Queen of Hearts were particular gems, while Shen Jie and Jonathan Spigner stood out in an astonishing variety of roles.”

Natasha Rogai, South China Morning Post

“The staging is ingenious: the dancers grow, shrink and soar while caterpillars grow wings.”

“The score, for strings and percussion, is evocative and accessible, with hints of music from lands as varied as Alice’s own adventures.”

“The choreography both entrances and sparkles.”

“it’s a fairy tale, but quite extraordinary. And fun.”

Peter Gordon, Asian Review of Books

Wheeldon, Ratmansky, McIntyre and The Beatles

“[Christopher Wheeldon’s Rush,  Alexei Ratmansky’s Le Carnavel des Animaux , Trey McIntyre’s A Day in the Life] Each of them is designed with a vision that not only to tell ‘stories’ but also to break down the conventional idea of how to give ballet a close-to-heart dialogue with the audience”

 “[Alexei Ratmansky’s Le Carnavel des Animaux] Ratmansky reimagines how the animals move and interact in ballet vocabularies.”

“[Alexei Ratmansky’s Le Carnavel des Animaux] The dancers are venturing toward a more narrative approach to their movements as well as their emotional expressions.”

“[Alexei Ratmansky’s Le Carnavel des Animaux] Several dancers are exceptionally skillful and attractive as their characters. Xia Jun’s cockerel is outstanding with his constrained energy as a gentle alpha male. Chen Zhiyao’s elephant is a big highlight of the piece, with her showing weight as an enormous beast without losing the grace of her port de bras. Wang Qingxin’s swan catches laughter through Ratmansky’s mockery of SWAN LAKE. Wang shows the swan’s excessive obsession with her narcissism is very on point, but one will not miss her incredible skill with her pointes.”

“[Christopher Wheeldon’s Rush] Wheeldon’s choreography of fast movements, demanding dancers to have the precision of swift dancing feet, turns and lifts, has already transmitted a glorious feeling to the audience of seeing the sunshine in California.”

“[Christopher Wheeldon’s Rush] Wheeldon’s strength in novel formations through classical ballet languages, as well as his sensitivity in transitions, holds the piece’s riveting energy through the end.”

“[Christopher Wheeldon’s Rush] Liu Miaomiao, Li Lin, Ayano Haneishi and Jonathan Spigner as the two outstanding couples from the corps de ballet do catch their opportunities to be the highlights of the piece…”

“[Christopher Wheeldon’s Rush] Ye (Ye Feifei) achieves that in a world-class fashion. Her techniques are unmissably spectacular. Her energy constraint that the dance requires has never been failed, while her port de bras and pointes, even in the semi-mid-air, are strong and tight… To see Ye dances Rush is to stop one’s heart.”

“[Trey McIntyre’s A Day in the Life] The openness of his world is so vast that it gives liberation for dancers to ‘create’”

“[Trey McIntyre’s A Day in The Life] Shen Jie… shines as the lead of the pieces. He totally embodies the journey of his ‘character’, and through his skillfully executed movements… an ovation has already been given before the piece ends.”

Clement Lee, Broadway World

“[Alexei Ratmansky’s Le Carnavel des Animaux] It is a delightful ballet which provides a full scope for classical dancing. And it suits the strength of the Hong Kong Ballet.”

 “[Trey McIntyre’s A Day in The Life] Shen Jie and Li Lin both impressed in the two leading male roles in the Sunday afternoon cast. Shen Jie’s solo was particularly full-bodied. And Lai Nok Sze Vanessa shone as the leading woman.”

 “[Christopher Wheeldon’s Rush] The main duet in the second movement, impressively danced by Li Jiabo and Ye Feifei, is dreamy and ecstatic”

Kevin Ng, Asia Times

“[Alexei Ratmansky’s Le Carnavel des Animaux] A performance that perfectly encapsulated the wit, charm and inventiveness of Ratmansky’s choreography.”

 “[Trey McIntyre’s A Day in The Life] A mesmerizing one-minute tour de force that left me wanting more.”

Natasha Rogai, SCMP

The Nutcracker

“The company is in good form. Ye Feifei’s dancing is luscious and creamy. She is well matched by Li Jiabo who has improved tremendously in the role of the Nutcracker Prince. In the supporting roles, Naomi Yuzawa is impressive as Clara, while Jonathan Spigner stands out as her naughty brother Fritz.”

Kevin Ng, ejinsight

Le Corsaire

“Xia Jun’s electrifying Lankendem, vividly acted and spectacularly danced, Ye Feifei’s superb Gulnare and Shen Jie’s thrilling Bribanto. As Ali, Li Jiabo brought the house down with a magnificent manège of barrel jumps.”

“Chen’s Gulnare was simply dazzling, Wei’s Lankedem and Hu Song Wei Ricky’s Pasha were funnier and more detailed.”

“The costumes and sets by Hugo Millán, oiginally created for Bocca’s National Ballet of Uruguay, were suitably lavish and Corsaire connoisseurs will be happy to hear that the shipwreck came complete with a full-size ship. This was a proud moment for HKB and new artistic director Septime Webre. The challenge now will be to maintain this exceptional standard going forward.”

Natasha Rogai, Dancing Times

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