About Our Brand :
Asia's Premier Ballet Company

Hong Kong Ballet is Asia's premier classical ballet company, internationally recognised and lauded for our creativity, talent and artistry. With the new brand identity and accompanying outreach initiatives, we want to further broaden our local appeal by challenging perceptions of ballet as an elite art form.

By putting a face to the brand of Hong Kong Ballet and winning over new enthusiasts with our personality and unique repertoire, we will get closer to the hearts of our audiences. Taking our brand to entertaining new heights.


To be the pre-eminent Ballet company, treasured in Hong Kong and lauded abroad for our unique productions, vibrancy and glamour.


Produce a repertoire that is exciting and reflective of the city’s culture and energy
Heighten our visibility within Hong Kong and overseas
Foster partnerships with other creative practitioners and organizations
Cultivate interest in and appreciation of ballet through quality education
Connect with audiences and the community at large
Nurture talent
Create stars



With talented artists and an ambitious body of unique work, we are committed to delivering an encapsulating experience that delights and inspires all audience

Our Visual Identity

The bespoke logo mark has been crafted to subtly reflect the movements of ballet and our Strapline “Never Standing Still” has been created to reflect the vibrant and energetic city in which we reside and from where we draw inspiration.
Our movement graphic captures the energy of Hong Kong and the fluid, dynamic movement of ballet, giving us a visual language distinctive to Hong Kong Ballet
Our colour palette takes inspiration from the city in which we live. Kowloon Blue and Heritage Red are our primary colours for the logo mark.


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