The Hong Kong Ballet’s performances of choreographic works by our own dancers date back to the early 1980s when many of the Company’s performers began to create their own ballet pieces. Featuring eight pieces by ten different choreographers, Choreographers’ Showcase 2014 celebrates the creativity, ideas and vision of our young dance creators.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see brand new works choreographed and performed by promising classically-trained artists!


28-29.11.2014 (Fri & Sat) 8:00pm
30.11.2014 (Sun) 3:00pm
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
$250, $140
The performance lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, including 1 intermission.
Ages 6 and above
DiscountsHouse Rules


Hernando’s Tango by Candice Adea

Choreography: Candice Adea
Music: Hernando’s Hideaway by Sid Ramin and Orchestra; Pepper Song by Gontiti
Lighting Design: Alice Kwong

Inspired by the mysterious, powerful and at the same time playful characteristics of the tango music Hernando's Hideaway, Candice's work translates these qualities into movements, showcasing the dancers' own different interpretations of sensuality and power over the imagination of Hernando.

Swan in the Abyss by Jessica Burrows and Sarah Yeung

Choreography: Jessica Burrows and Sarah Yeung
Music: Abesses by Birdy Nam Nam; Swan Lake Act 2Danses Des Cignes by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Music Producer: Ryan Ashton
Pianist: Nicolas Lau
Lighting Design: Alice Kwong

This project is a choreographic experiment for Jessica and Sarah. Taking a remix of popular classical music, they explore different choreographic possibilities. Swan in the Abyss creates an atmosphere with not only visuals and sounds but one that also appeals to our other senses.

Horn by Yuh Egami and Ricky Hu

Choreography: Yuh Egami and Ricky Hu
Music: The Way of 1000 and One Comet by Ezio Bosso
Props Making: Moonster Creation Factory
Lighting Design: Alice Kwong

To be inherently different, in fact, is a burden; but also a luxury.

The Continuous Search of Ātman by Willem Houck

Choreography: Willem Houck
Music: The Haunted Ocean (Part 1)Written on the SkyHorizon Variations and The Haunted Ocean 5 (Solo Version); all by Max Richter
Lighting Design: Alice Kwong

“Ātman” is a Sanskrit word referring to Hinduism’s understanding of the real self, beyond the ego or false self. It is often interpreted as “spirit” or “soul” and indicates the true self or the essence which underpins our existence.

To Willem, it is the most unchanging and purest form of being, always within us. It is “a developed self” who has carried the process of personal development and self-reliance through to its perfection. Willem’s creation transposes the many inspiring aspects of the Ātman into a body of movement. Not only is this creative piece a means of artistic expression, it is also a demonstration of spiritual growth – in the continuous search for Ātman.

Going Home by Li Jia-bo

Choreography: Li Jia-bo
Music: Hungarian Dance No. 19 in B Minor by Johannes Brahms; Song to the Moon and Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Op. 95: Second Movement – Largo by Antonín Dvořák; Dance Drum by Li Jia-bo
Lighting Design: Alice Kwong

Inspired by Dvořák’s Symphony No.9, also known as “From the New World”, the theme of this work is “Going Home". Through this piece, Li Jia-bo aims to express how it feels to head for home, the experience of longing to be home after time on the road, and the comforting knowledge that home is where the heart is.

Many pieces of classical music feature in this work as well as some of Li Jia-bo’s own compositions which serve to smooth the transitions between the pieces. As for the movements, Li Jia-bo encourages the dancers to incorporate their own feelings so that the moves portray a personal nature with a refined texture.

Break Away by Li Lin

Choreography: Li Lin
Music: Nightbook and Ultimi Fuochi by Ludovico Einaudi; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by The Piano Guys
Music Editing: Yuh Egami, Li Jia-bo
Costume Design: Liu Miao-miao
Lighting Design: Alice Kwong

In the world today, we value freedom and individual will. Although each person’s idea of freedom may be unique and personal, we are all in some way restricted by different aspects of life or work. This is a non-narrative piece, expressing people’s efforts in their pursuit of freedom.

Wepart by Jonathan Spigner

Choreography: Jonathan Spigner
Music: Crack Pipes by Sage Francis; Run To You by Pentatonix; The Funeral by Band of Horses
Music Creator/ Editing: Kenji Hidaka, Li Jia-bo
Lighting Design: Alice Kwong

“Death” and everything that surrounds it seems to have been taboo since the beginning of humanity. Jonathan’s Wepart addresses some age-old philosophical questions: perhaps we are afraid to ponder the subject of Death because of how it reflects our own mortality? However, without loss, how do we gain? Without accepting sadness how do we find happiness? Without accepting death how do we live? Through this piece, Jonathan will entice his audience to observe these abstract questions.

Watch the Witness by Frank van Tongeren

Choreography: Frank van Tongeren
Music: Free The Mind by Jóhann Jóhannsson; The Question Who Am I and It's Up To You by Jonahgold / Mooji; An Endinga Beginning by Dustin O'Halloran
Lighting Design: Alice Kwong

Who am I? Am I who I think I am? Am I my thoughts? If I forget the past, will I still know who I am? Would I still exist? Who is aware that I am? What, or who is the witness of that? Can that witness be watched, be observed, be witnessed itself? Frank's creation explores the dichotomy between the I that is aware and the I that I am aware of.


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